General Inquiries

For all general inquiries related to Credit Transfer, please email:

Transfer Within Niagara College

Want to keep studying at Niagara College?

Are you currently a Niagara College student and wish to transfer to another program at Niagara College or continue your studies at Niagara College after graduation?

There are different options for continuing your studies at Niagara on!

Educational Pathways

In some cases students may have the opportunity to path into related programs at Niagara College and earn an additional diploma at a progressed rate due to common terms and courses between programs. These opportunities exist on a program-to-program basis.

Contact your Academic Advisor to learn more about Educational Pathways at Niagara College.

Part-Time Studies

For part-time lifelong learning opportunities consider Part-Time Studies at Niagara College.

The Part-Time Studies department offers three terms annually with more than 600 courses and programs for adult students, mostly on evenings and weekends.

Courses cover a broad range of credit, vocational and general interest areas and are offered at locations throughout the Niagara Region.

Students may pursue studies on a part-time basis towards the completion of many programs of study and post-secondary programs.

Graduate Programs and Bachelor's Degrees

If you are a graduate and wish to continue your studies at NC consider a Graduate Certificate or complete a Bachelor's Degree.

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